Pirates Past NoonEdit

Pirates Past Noon is the fourth book of the MTH series.


Jack and Annie go to the tree house.They wish to go to a beach.Then they see a parrot named Polly.When they go outside,they see a pirate ship.Cap'n Bones,Pinky,and Stinky capture and search them.They find the gold medallion.They are forced to read Captain Kidd's treasure which says:The gold doth lie beneath the whale's eye.They do not understand it so are locked up.They finally find that the island is shaped like a whale,and the"eye" is a rock.They tell the crew,and it goes to dig it up.Polly comes and tells them to go back.Thinking of it as an omen,they go back.Jack sees the treasure,but leaves it.Then they wish to go back home.

� In the tree house,they see Polly turn into the mysterious "M" person.Her name was Morgan Le Flay.She was theowner of the tree house,and an enchantress from King Arthur's time.She traveled through time collecting books for library.She was the pterodon,knght,cat,and bird who helped them.She told them they wear the only people to see her tree house,because Jack loved knowledge and Annie loved the impossible.She also promised themthey would go to other adventures.